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Myrtle Beach Home Market Update & Statistics

Welcome to Abe Safa Myrtle Beach Home Market Updates

What you will find here are live charts that are pulled directly from Market Stats and from our MLS here in Myrtle Beach, SC.  Each chart will have a title above it along with a short explanation of what it is.  This is a snapshot of what that number was at the end of each of the corresponding month.  So this is a month by month snapshot and you can go back as far as our MLS will allow to see how that number has changed.

If you have any questions or need anything more specific, please reach out to Abe Safa and his team at (843) 360-2145.

Number of Single Family Homes Sold By Month

This report show how many actual homes were sold that month in the entire market.  So number of units sold by month.

Single Family Homes Pending Sales

This report show how many homes went pending during that month.  Pending is going under contract with a buyer.  This is a good number to look at to get a peak into whether number of homes sold is going to be up or down.  So it is a leading indicator into the number of homes sold and a guage on how hot the market is and whether there are lots of buyers out there or not.

Single Family Homes Median Sales Price

This report shows the Median sales price of homes sold that month. Median is usually a better indicator than average because with average, there could have been more higher end homes sold or lower end homes sold that month and that can throw off the numbers.  Median means that half the homes sold above that price and half sold below.  Good way to see if prices are going up or down.

Single Family Homes Median Days On The Market

Just like with the chart above, we chose to use median days on the market instead of average.  This number tells you that half the homes sold were above that number and half were below. A good indicator to see how long it is taking homes to sell.

Single Family Homes Median Percent of List Price

This number shows you what percentage of list price are homes selling for.  Good way to see how close to asking price Seller's are getting on their homes.  As this number decreases it usually is an indicator that the market is getting softer and Buyers have more leverage because they are buying that much below asking price.

Single Family Homes Months supply of inventory

This is a good number to look at to see how the inventory levels are in the home market.  For the longest time, the rule of thumb has been that 6 months of inventory supply is a neutral market.  As that number decreases and there is less inventory, that pushes it into a Seller's market.  If that number grows past 6, that is pushing it into a Buyer's market.

But most importantly this is good to see what the trend is - whether it is growing or shrinking.

Single Family Homes New Listings

This number shows us how many homes listings hit the market.  This is another indicator on whether Seller's are flooding the market and whether we can expect inventory to rise.