The Myrtle Beach Real Estate Market Is Not Going To Crash

Video Highlights

  • Oct Single Family Homes Sold down 34%.  Pendings down 36%
  • Oct Condos Sold down 44%. Pendings down 36%
  • Inventory SFH & condo although significantly higher than LY, dipped a tiny bit
  • Only 744 RS SFH Pending right now.  That is 33.48% of homes on the market
  • Condo Market is actually outperforming SFH 804 pending for 38.78%
  • At the national level - Pendings down 31% Year over year
  • Numbers will get uglier because the 4th quarter of 2020 was very strong. So comping against that will be tough

Big news is the Fed Meeting this week

  • We should see a 75 Basis points hike this week
  • Goldman Sachs chief economist thinks there will be another 50 in December and potentially 25 in February.
  • So a little higher that first anticipated.  But it will hinge on the inflation and unemployment data
  • This could push interest rates to 8%.  Right now hovering around 7.25-7.32 range

So why will the market not Crash

  • Unlike 2008, we do not have a credit crisis. 
    • Roughly 37% of homes are paid for
    • 60%+ of mortgages are at 4% or lower rate
  • Inventory right now is sitting at:  SFH 2.3 months & Condos 2.2 months
  • In 2006 we had inventory growing every month for 3.5 years. until it peaked at almost 24 mths of inventory in summer of 2009.
    • Inventory right now has been growing but it will have to grow to a much higher rate and at a much faster rate for it to have a chance of a crash.
  • New listing inventory is down every month for the last 4 months or so
    • So Sellers are not desperate like they were in 2007 and are not flooding the market because of being upside down.
  • Days on Market in 2007 and 2008 was over 150 days. Right now its 60
  • Foreclosure starts are nothing compared to 2006-2010.  In 2nd quarter of 2009 it was over 800% higher than it is now.

Could the market still Crash?

  • The unknowns are how high will interest rates get?
  • How bad will the coming recession be?
  • How long with the federal reserve wait and how quickly will they react to a weak economy?
  • Those are variables we cannot control, but we will keep an eye on things.
  • Housing is not crashing.  It's just Stuck right now!!
This is definitely something I am keeping a very close eye on. 

Watch this video as Abe Safa & Greg Harrelson discuss how this is impacting our real estate market and what you can expect. 

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