Mortgage rates continue to weaken the housing market

Mortgage rates have surpassed 7% and it is weakening the real estate market even more.  There is talk of it possibly breaking the 8% mark - hopefully not.

Here are some key takeaways from this video:

  • Interest rates over 7%
  • 63% of homes have mortgages. So 37% own their home free and clear
  • 60% of the country has mortgage rate of 4% or under
  • Last time inflation was this high was 1981 (10%)- Mortgage rate 18% so 7% doesn't sound so bad compared to that
  • Single family home absorption rate is only 35% now. 2242/787.  Lowest in over 2 years..almost back to pre-covid #s
This is definitely something I am keeping a very close eye on. 

Watch this video as Abe Safa & Greg Harrelson discuss how this is impacting our real estate market and what you can expect. 


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